PBI Workshop at the UTeach Conference

Date: May 23, 2017

The Group-Based Cloud Computing platform was demoed at the UTeach Conference during the PBI Workshop. Dr. Stroup and Dr. Petrosino led teachers, professors, and graduate students through collaborative authorship with the "Introbuttons" model that allows users to create their own beauty.  Feedback from the seminar was acquired through a survey:

  1. Excellent: Learned a lot about innovation of PBI
  2. Excellent: I enjoyed hearing from a variety of people teaching PBI
  3. Excellent: The structure of 3 presenters was excellent and very engaging. Thank you Stroup et al., Sara and Paige.
  4. Excellent: no comment
  5. Excellent: Extremely informative and well organized!
  6. Good: Wish it was more specific to PBL throughout the entire morning
  7. Very Good: Nice variety of information. Good ideas for managing logistics. Great ideas for projects with technology.
  8. Excellent: Thank you for all of the info!
  9. Excellent: Great Information
  10. Very Good: Great information shared and included a variety of topics. Would have liked to hear more trouble shooting w/ PBI from other schools that have experienced the course.
  11. Very Good: no comment