University of Texas Graduate Superintendent Summer Class

June 15th, 2017

Graduate Student Summer Course: Learning Science/STEAM Reform

Dr. Petrosino, one of the grant Co-principal investigators - instructed a course for graduate students in the cooperative superintendency and STEM programs. All of the students were en route to becoming a Superintendent at some point in their careers. Dr. Stroup was invited on the 15th of July to demo and discuss the potential for GbCC implementation at the district level. Future superintendents watched an informational video describing the history and development of GbCC and other agent-based modeling technologies and had the opportunity to "play" with the simulations. Future Superintendents spent the hour discussing the implications, challenges, and benefits of district-scale implementation of a group-based web deployed software.

The opportunity to demo the GbCC technologies with future district leaders is exciting for two reason: 1) it exponentially increases our radius of implementation - each future superintendent who is interested in using GbCC capabilities in their district has the potential of reaching thousands of students; and 2) it allow us to place our theory and technology in the hands of actual users, to discover more about its limitations and capabilities.